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What safety practices are in place at your paintball sites?

Your child’s safety is our top priority, and we’re happy to report an excellent health and safety record from all our centres. By far the most common injury that we see is the relatively harmless trip-and-fall that you see in playgrounds up and down the country every day.

To protect your child while they play paintball, there is a strict facemask policy. Facemasks must be worn at all times that your child is in a paintball zone. If your child is in a paintball zone, they will always be wearing a facemask, and if they are in a paintball-free zone, there will be no paintball markers. This is the surest way to avoid accidents.

Our junior facemasks are adjustable so that they fit children safely, comfortably and securely. They have passed rigorous safety tests and can withstand a direct hit from a paintball without issue. All players, including juniors, will be given an in-depth safety talk by an experienced marshal.  Marshals will supervise your children at all times that they are in a paintball zone. If they see a child who looks like they will remove their mask, they may have to remove them from the paintball area for their own safety.

Can we go paintballing for my child’s birthday party?

Yes, you absolutely can at any of our sites that offer junior paintball! Paintball is an excellent way to give your child a birthday party to remember, their excitement levels will be through the roof.

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