Is it Safe to Play Paintball?

Let's take a look at how safe paintball is.

The most common question about paintball is if it hurts to get hit by a paintball. The second most common question is: How dangerous is paintball?

In reality, paintball is relatively safe and most injuries come from falling or running into obstacles on the field. The most serious injuries, though very rare, come from players taking off their masks and other safety equipment. In general, if you follow the safety rules of paintball, it's a very safe sport.

Is Paintball a Safe Sport?

It may surprise you to know that a study by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse, stated that paintball is safer than bowling, running, and almost every other popular sport. 

Many people who play paintball will tell you that their most serious injury comes not from being shot, but by running around the field. They may twist an ankle, trip while running into a bunker, or slam their elbow on a tree.

There is the potential for serious injury, however, and it often comes with carelessness. The most common major injury happens when a player takes off their mask and gets hit in the eye. The importance of safety equipment, particularly eye protection, on the paintball field cannot be stressed enough.

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