5 Things a New Paintball Player Should Know

If you've never played paintball before it's hard to know what to expect. From what to wear to how to aim, shoot and move. Here's a few things you should know if you're considering paintball for the first time.

1. No Experience Needed

It really is easy to play and once you get over your initial nerves you'll be fine. Paintball is all about fun, it's the ideal excuse to get outside, socialise, exercise and think strategically. Let's face it it's essentially the grown up version of tag, and what kid didn't love tag? You'll see some people taking the game far too seriously, don't, enjoy paintball for what it is… fun and the perfect past time.

2. Communication is Key

You might think paintball is all about aim and being the sharpest shooter, granted this helps but it isn't the be all and end all. The most successful paintballers know how to communicate and talk tactics. It's all about being cohesive as a team and ensuring everyone knows what they're doing whilst on the field. If you nail teamwork and strategy, you'll be a force to be reckoned with even for the most accurate sniper.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

No amount of videos or books will make you the best. To improve at paintball you need to practice it's really that simple. Attend paintball games regularly and you'll soon see massive improvements in your game play. Plus listen to seasoned players and their tips.

4. You're going to get shot

I'm not going to skate around the fact, you will get shot. Newbies are often scared of being hit and spend 90% of their time hiding. Not helpful or fun. Don't' work yourself up, it's really not that bad. You need to move to avoid getting shot, you might think hiding is fool proof but it's not, it actually makes you vulnerable. Bite the bullet and MOVE. If you're really that worried about the pain factor wear some extra layers of clothing and gloves, this will take the sting out of the impact.

5. What to Wear


We recommend wearing casual clothing that's easy to manoeuvre in. Hoodies and thick clothing is ideal to take away the sting of the paintballs. We suggest tracksuit bottoms, joggers and jeans, again thick attire that's easy to move in. You will be provided with a freshly laundered overall as standard issue, however we do still suggest wearing old clothing you aren't afraid of getting dirty.


Ankle injuries can be pretty common in paintball so shoes and grip are vital. Most players wear hiking boots or trainers. They should be shoes you don't mind getting both dirty and wet. You want to ensure the footwear you choose is closed toe for both safety and comfort.


Hands are commonly the target of paintballs due to being constantly exposed. Your hands have some relatively sensitive areas, so let's just say some shots are less than pleasant. Many players wear fingerless gloves and golf gloves etc., you don't want to wear gloves that many affect trigger sensitivity. As an upgrade we do offer armoured gloves with hard padded knuckles at our sites.


Paintballs travel at ridiculous speeds at around 200mph, so it's best to protect that noggin of yours.

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