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Fun Paintball is an extrodinary paintbal venue for hire in the South of Johannesburg in Alberton, Book and enjoy a fun filled excilherating adventure as you play against your friends and family.

We are a paintball company hosting tournaments, leagues, birthday parties and fun paintballing. Come and experience the fun of paintball today! Contact us!

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There are safety rules, field rules and game rules. In order to be permitted to play, you must abide by them. Cheaters are not well liked in this sport and they are quickly ostracized.

8 Things To Know Before You Get On The Paint Ball Range

1. Getting Shot Doesn't Hurt—If You're Prepared

2. The Dress Code is Simple: Wear Camo

3. Expect to Get Covered in Paint, Even If You Avoid Getting Shot.

4. Make Sure Your Wear Comfortable Shoes The Right Kind of Shoes Can Be Your Best Friend.

5. Beginners Should Stick to a Defensive Strategy.

6. You Can Target Any Part of Your Opponent.

7. Always Bring a Year's Supply of Paintballs into Battle, The More Amo The Better

8. Enjoy The Games & Try Not To Get Shot.

What equipment do I need?

You're not required to purchase anything before you arrive at the field, and in fact, if it's your first time playing, you probably shouldn't. You'll be better off renting equipment so you can get a feel for the game before deciding if you want to invest in your own supplies.

A typical rental package will include the following items:

  • Paintball marker (AKA "paintball gun")
  • Facemask
  • Hopper (paintball container that attaches to your marker)
  • CO2 or compressed-air tank to power the marker

You'll also need to buy paintballs to be able to play, which you can do when you arrive. Many businesses enforce a "field paint only" rule, meaning you can only use paintballs you've purchased on site. This is done to ensure all paintballs in use conform to the field's safety requirements.

More On Paintball

Paintball is a sport that eliminates rivals through the game by striking them with paintballs (sex gelatin cameras, which contain mainly polyethylene glycol, but not toxic and water soluble materials and paint) with a compressed gas "marker". The Pantheon involves many players and the Association of Sports Goods Manufacturers estimates that only 10 million people in the United States are playing alone.

The safety equipment is designed to withstand multiple impacts from paintballs that are travelling far above the industry safe standard. (In other words they hold up over and about the "worst case scenario" like all safety equipment should.) Few people have been injured playing paintball. Accident statistics show that paintball has less injuries than bowling!


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