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Basic Paintball Rules

Each game of paintball is different but to avoid inconsistencies and to keep players with a basic understanding of the game, a few basic paintball rules must be followed. Here a few you must know before playing paintball.

Wear Proper Gear

Know that to take part in any game, you must have the correct equipment. The first thing you need is a paintball gun or marker. Depending on the game, your choice of a marker might be different. You will also need a mask to protect your eyes and face from pellets. Paintballs are non-lethal but can still cause serious damage if not wearing proper gear. In addition to having a reliable gun and face gear, you will need paintballs or pellets, air tank, and hopper.

Know the Boundaries

Make sure everyone knows where the boundaries are. Depending on the size of each team, the limitations for the game might change. As an example, if a team has ten players, they might need a wider area than a group of five. Boundaries also mean that the base or starting point should be very clear.

When You
Are Hit

Know when You are Hit

A hit is classified as a nickel sized paint mark anywhere on you or your equipment. If the paintball splatters, this means that it broke on something nearby such as a tree. A splatter might leave a paint mark on the player, but it does not count as a hit. There are instances where the paintball hits somewhere that is not visible, such as the players back. In this scenario, a player can do a paint check, done by calling out ¨paint check¨ and having a nearby player evaluate.

Exit Properly

If a player confirms they are hit, he or she should exit immediately. The player should raise the equipment over his or her head, verbally indicate that they are hit and then leave via the dead area, also known as the No Shooting area.

Observe Safety Measures

While these basic paintball rules are to be observed, there are also safety rules that must also be followed. One of the most important things is to wear your mask no matter what as this gives optimum protection from pellets. Paintballs fly fast which means your eyes and face must be properly protected.

Do not Fire Blindly

Basic paintball rules require you to be mindful of how you handle equipment. Try to avoid firing wildly. If you cannot see your target clearly, then refrain from shooting. Firing blindly wastes your pellets and can lead you to hit someone who is not a part of the action. Shooting at someone accidentally might result in serious injury.

Shoot Under 90m Per Second

While using paintball the correct way might result in only minor pain when the pellets connect to the skin, firing at close range as well as firing at more than 90m per second might cause severe damage or bruising.

These basic paintball rules keep the playing field ¨levelled¨ and make the game easier to understand. While the rules may vary depending on the specific paintball game, there are some rules that more or less remains the same no matter what.