3 Most Common Types of Paintball Fields

Paintball is a fun, exhilarating game to play with friends or family. Much of the challenge lies in navigating the paintball field to line up the perfect shot. Anywhere you go to play, the field will be set up differently, so you will never know exactly what to expect. However, there are a few different types of paintball fields you might want to become familiar with if you plan to play regularly. Montgomery Sporting Goods & Paintball offers one of the best places to play paintball in Middletown, NY. With seven fields spread out over 60 acres, players can always look forward to a great time.

Here are the three most common types of paintball fields you'll come across in your adventures:


A forest paintball field, also known as woods ball, is situated outdoors in natural surroundings. Players typically rely on trees and, sometimes, man-made obstacles to serve as their cover. This is the most realistic type of warfare environment, one in which you'll be playing on unaltered terrain and trying to camouflage with the background.


Speedball paintball fields are more consistent and a bit less difficult to manoeuvre through. They can vary in their setup, but generally, they are on level ground with inflatable obstacles of different sizes acting as shelters. Players have to think and act quickly with their paintball guns on speedball fields.


Concept fields are built after a theme to resemble a particular scenario, which many times ends up being urban warfare. This is where obstacles are made to look like buildings, cars, and other city-like features. Players must carefully plan and execute their moves on a concept field.

The kind of paintball field you play on will have a big impact on your game strategy.

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