5 Paintball Game Types You Can Play Today

There are many paintball game types with different rules and variations; usually specified before a game begins.

Here are various types of paintball games you can play today including the original Woodsball, the small arena-based and the tournament favourite Speedball and the fun-filled Scenario Paintball.

Woodsball Paintball Game Types

Woodsball, otherwise known as Bushball, is the earliest paintball game type. This paintball format is played in natural outdoor areas with players hunting down opponents and marking them using a paintball gun.

With Woodsball, you've got different ways you can play. Some woods are just straightforward woods while others could have terrain like bunkers, barricades and bases. Woodsball has several game variants including Capture the Flag, Elimination, Ironman, King of the Hill, Protect the VIP and Zombies.


Speedball is basically a team sport that you can play recreationally and professionally on a small field with obstacles to challenge the players. Speedball gives a better format for competitive paintball and players are less prone to injuries compared to Woodsball.

The idea with Speedball was to give players the bunkers and whatnot but in a soccer-field style; very flat to reduce the risk of player injuries.

Scenario Paintball

Scenario Paintball is a paintball game type that's genuinely fun to play. In this genre of paintball, players don't score points for shooting out the other players but rather by completing missions and objectives.

Scenario Paintball has several variations. The most popular one is what many people consider the ‘Big Game'. In this variant, the objectives are usually basic and straightforward such as ground acquisitions, territory holding and castle conquest missions.


Elimination or Slayer is basically a variant of Woodsball where you aim to eliminate everybody on the opposing team without getting yourself eliminated.

You can even combine Elimination with other paintball game types like Capture the Flag which have a different primary objective.


Round is a paintball game type where everybody is basically for themselves. You form a circle in the middle like a clock; elbow to elbow.

You do about face and then turn and can either run or walk or do whatever want. You count to 20 and then stop, take cover and game on. The objective is to try and take out everybody else and be the last man standing.

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