Paintball Gun Types

As fun as the game itself sounds, guns make it more fun. For some players, any gun will do. After all, they are there to just shoot and play – maybe run around a little. However, for the more serious players, paintball may mean business.

They don't take the game lightly and choosing the best paintball gun holds much importance to their performance in the field. These are the players that would make an effort to sit in front of their computer and type down “different types of paintball guns” in the search engine business.

Here are 7 Types of Paintball Guns:

1. Machine Gun Paintball Gun

Let's start the list off with one of the most advanced paintball guns. Contrary to what the name states, these paintball guns are not exactly like machine guns. They are basically paintball guns that shoot very fast, much like machine guns, hence the name. However, for what it's worth, they kind of look like machine guns, which just make the game even more fun and realistic.

2. Fully-Automatic Paintball Gun

Another advanced paintball gun is the fully-automatic paintball gun. There won't be a need for you to keep pulling the trigger as this type of paintball gun allows you to be fire more than one shot with just one pull of the trigger. As cool and convenient as this paintball gun may sound, there is a chance that this may only be used in an ordinary paintball arena.

Tournaments don't really allow players to use fully-automatic paintball guns. If you want to buy the best paintball gun under 200.

3. Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

This type of paintball gun is probably the most common choice and type of paintball users. It's quite easy to use as the steps to using semi-automatics are pretty simple. One pull, one fire – it's as easy as that. It only requires players to pull the trigger every time they want to fire.

4. Ramping Paintball Gun

This type of paintball gun may have a bit complicated explanation, but the actual action required is not very much so. It basically depends on how fast and how many times you can pull the trigger in a second.

If you are able to pull the trigger three times in a second, then the next time you pull it, it will fire three rounds. As amazing as that is already, pulling the trigger four times in a second enables this paintball gun to increase the number of fires it gives every second each time you pull the trigger, following your first pull.

5. 3-Shot Burst on Electro-Pneumatic Paintball Gun

Electro-Pneumatic paintball guns with various firing modes include 3-shot burst or 3-round burst. Although it's not the most popular choice when players choose the type or mode of paintball gun that they want to use, it is still incredibly fascinating. This mode in this particular type of paintball gun can release three rounds with only one pull of the trigger.

6. Electronic Paintball Gun

Electronic paintball guns, also known as electro-Pneumatic guns, are probably the most expensive type of paintball guns. The most notable difference this has from others is that it is battery operated. It also sports various firing modes, one of which we listed above. These paintball guns are electronic, which makes it incredibly easy for the players to use because it has a circuit board that is programmable, hence allowing the gun to be programmed with your firing mode of choice.

7. Pump Paintball Gun

Now, pump paintball guns are known to be the most basic type of paintball guns. It's also quite manual as you will have to push and pull the pump handle every time you release a shot to put the next paintball in. For some, this paintball marker type may be quite simple, may even be too simple, but these are very reliable paintball guns. Unfortunately, they are not as round as they were before.

All types of paintball guns have their own pros and cons. Hence, choosing the best one to use really depends on the person using it. They all bring something different to the table, and they all provide the essential features to play the game.

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