Paintball Tactics & Tips for Improving Your Paintballing Skills

12 tips to up your paintball game

Paintball is much more than just a team sport, or adrenaline adventure; it's more than just a way to bond with your friends and family. It's a battle of the past, the present and the future; it's a battle between galaxies, a battle of men and women, and of the supernatural. It's a battle of superheroes and supervillains. A battle of the living and a battle of the dead. There is no retreat and no surrender. When the stakes are this high, and the consequences really matter it's vital to give yourself and your men the best chance of survival and success. The key to victory on the battlefield is with these tips and tactics curated by the brave men and women who fought for you, before you.

1. Plan

When working within a team it is important to establish a plan of attack or defence, having a strategy or game plan will provide a much better chance at success. Just like the rules and regulation, a well thought out plan is vital to the success of your team.

2. Communicate

Communicate One of the most important tactics is communication with your teammates. Like the old saying goes, there is no “I” in teamwork so it's essential you talk about your approach in each of the game zones to ensure you stay one step ahead of the opposition. This is critical, especially when executing offensive manoeuvres.

3. Element of Surprise

Use the element of surprise. There are many ways to use the element of surprise.

4. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple. There is no space for ego in Paintball with so much at stake your team needs to be able to rely on you and your abilities and if you are trying to hard to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, distracted by your own skills and ambition you could cost your team the game. It's important to understand what paintball player you and your teammates are before strategizing a game plan.

5. Stay a Step Ahead

Continually survey your surroundings. While moving around the game zone, you should be making a mental map of the area and make a note of where the enemy is, where they might move to, what the best course of action for you and your team might be and where would be the best point to retreat to. Staying one step ahead of the enemy is the key to winning paintball games.

6. Play It Cool

Play it cool. Pause when you get to a new position and don't give yourself away immediately. Take a moment to survey the playing zone from your new angle, determine if any opponents are within range or if there is a better position you can get to.

7. Be Aware

Don't get trapped in tunnel vision. Don't focus your attention on a single spot, even if you think an opponent may be hiding there – a different opponent may be flanking you, or you may locate an enemy you wouldn't otherwise have seen.

8. Keep Moving

Standing still or staying in the same spot will get you noticed and the opposing team will be able to manoeuvre around you. Don't be afraid of advancing to a point where you will be of greater use to your team, staying thirty yards behind the front line will help no one and you probably won't be within the range of the enemy.

9. Gain Intel

Gain as much information about the game zones and study the mission brief before the game starts. If you can make a mental map of the game zone and identify key hiding spots and great places to use as cover, then you will begin the game with confidence and be more efficient as a team.

10. Stealth Mode

An aggressive approach may work in certain situations, but discreet and planned movements will pay off in the long run. Although rushing the enemy team and using aggressive tactics may work well in some game zones, learning how to blend in with your surroundings, using diversionary tactics and creeping slowly can be the best angle of approach in other games. Take time when moving from cover to cover, tiptoe and keep your head down. Make sure that any attachments such as your marker's hopper or Go-Pro camera are not giving your location away to the enemy.

11. Stay Positive and Have Fun

Maintain a positive outlook. This can be easier said than done when under enemy fire and feeling the pressure. However, a positive mind-set is important when you are playing paintball, even when the odds are against you, a positive mind-set can boost the team morale. Don't forget to follow the golden paintball rules and have lots of fun!!

12. Learn how to use Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics are various paintball grenades such as flashbangs, thunder flashes, paint grenades and smoke grenades available at all Delta Force Paintball centres. Flashbangs can keep the enemy's heads down long enough for you to execute a plan of attack, use the element of surprise against them with smoke grenades or flash bangs or take out multiple enemies with the use of paint grenade.

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