What Is Paintball?

Paintball is an extreme sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water-soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun). Paintballs are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble polymer.

Games are played on outdoor or indoor fields of varying sizes. A game field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for cover. Many indoor and outdoor facilities utilize inflatable objects (referred to as bunkers) of various sizes and shapes to create a 'layout' designed to allow players to formulate plans or strategies.

Rules for playing paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days in scenario play.

Paintball promotes teamwork, planning and good-natured competition. An ever-increasing number of companies (large and small), schools and youth groups are all incorporating paintball as a powerful tool into their strategic team development plans. Paintball is not limited to just companies, however as boy scouts, churches, frats, sororities and groups of people are among those utilizing paintball.

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Paintball Guns
(Paintball Markers)

Paintball Guns (Paintball Markers)

This is the primary piece of equipment, used to tag the opposing player with paintballs. The paintball marker must have a loader or 'hopper' attached to keep the marker fed with paint, and will be either gravity-fed (where balls drop into the loading chamber), or electronically force-fed. Modern markers require a compressed air tank or Co2 tank.


The ammunition used in the marker, paintballs are spherical gelatine capsules containing coloured water-soluble dye. The quality of paintballs is dependent on the brittleness of the ball's shell, the roundness of the sphere, and the thickness of the fill; higher-quality balls are almost perfectly spherical, with a very thin shell to guarantee breaking upon impact, and a thick, brightly coloured fill that is difficult to hide or wipe off during the game. Almost all Paintballs in use today are biodegradable. All ingredients used in the making of a Paintball are food grade quality and are harmless to the participants and environment. Paintballs today are a standard size of 0.68' or 68 Calibre.

Mask or Goggles

Masks are safety devices players are required to wear at all times on the field, to protect them from paintballs. Goggles are derived from skiing/snowboarding goggles, with an attached hard shell that completely covers the eyes, mouth, ears and nostrils of the wearer.