Why Choose us for your paintball needs.

Welcome to Fun paintball a massive action-filled paintball park for you to enjoy located in Alberton! We cater to every style of play, from inexperienced first-timers to avid scenario game players.

We have the largest outdoor paintball field in Gauteng we offer a wide variety of group rates for birthday parties, bachelor(letter) parties, corporate events, school events, and other group outings. Food and rental equipment are available at both of our sites.

Our Massive paintball field in Gauteng will allow you to have an exhilarating, enjoyable experience. 

Paintball is an Extreme sport, safe participation in paintball requires observance of proper safety procedure. When safety rules are followed, paintball is extremely safe.

There are only 5 safety rules, but we certainly take them very seriously. The only other 'rule' is that you have fun. Before each game the Marshall holds a safety briefing where the rules will be explained to all players to ensure that they are understood. These safety rules and game formats as used at The Funderdome

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