What are the Different Types of Paintball Gear

Paintball Gun: The most important piece of offensive equipment. There are many different types of paintball guns to choose from. Some models can be heavily modified with accessories, while others cannot. Paintball guns are available for rent at most paintball supply stores and facilities.Paintballs: The heart of the game.

Paintballs come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can have different shell thicknesses depending on the style and manufacturer. Experienced paintball players often match the size of their paintballs to the diameter of their barrel. However, most general paintballs can be used in standard pistols.Barrel Locking Device (BBD): Safety is extremely important when playing paintball. When a paintball gun is not actively used in a game, a
BBD should be fitted.

BBDs prevent paintballs from accidentally going off and injuring an unprotected person. This includes barrel covers, barrel plugs and barrel socks.

Barrel: Barrels Different lengths and diameters can attached to some paintball guns to improve accuracy.

Hopper: The paintballs fired from a paintball gun are usually stored in a curved container, attached to the weapon. This container is called the

Hoppers come in a variety of sizes and can hold accessories.

Loaders:  Loaders are hoppers that have been modified to more efficiently feed paintballs into the cannon's firing chamber. Most chargers use batteries. Magazines are often required to take advantage of enhanced triggers.

Penalty: Paintball guns may have enhanced triggers to increase performance.

Trigger types include auto-trigger, crank-trigger, dual-trigger, electronic-trigger, and tilt-trigger.

Scope or Sight: Scopes and sights can be too Pistols are added to improve accuracy. Scopes magnify a specific area, while scopes attempt to determine exactly where the paintball is going to go.

Paintball facilities may offer paintball gun rentals.

Air Tank: The Most paintballs are fired with air to propel themselves. her.

Air is typically stored in tanks that are either attached directly to the weapon or worn on the player and connected to the weapon via a hose. Guns must be configured to receive compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2). Not all weapons can use both gases.

Grenade: Color grenades reveal a large radius shortly after the pin is pulled and the grenade is (hopefully) thrown. Paint grenades are expensive and may be illegal on some paintball fields.

The gear used is the paintball gear worn by the player. For almost everyone, this includes the protective mask; However, experienced players often use additional items to improve their chances of winning. Equipment worn includes:

Full Face Mask: A full face mask refers to three pieces of gear worn as one: the hard mask, which protects the face, mouth and cheeks; the glasses that protect the eyes; and the visor that protects and prevents glare from the eyes. Full
face masks are required when playing at almost all paintball facilities.

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