Without a doubt, your most important piece of equipment is your goggles. If used and maintained correctly, your goggles will not only keep your eyes, face and ears protected, but they will also give you an unobstructed view of the battle field. If your vision is impaired due to a sweated or steamed up lens then it doesn't matter how good of a shot you may be. Most paintball games are won by players using their eyes rather than their guns and this is where I want you guys to have your first advantage.

Listen to the Events Manager in your Operations briefing, as he will show you the correct ways to apply anti fog coatings if needed, and how to manage your layers/clothing best to minimise sweating. Make sure when you put the goggles onto your face snugly and securely, with the strap sitting higher up on the back of your head. This will ensure that the foam around the nosepiece of the goggle will sit flush to your skin. The more gaps between your face and the foam on the goggle frame, the more chance there will be of the goggles fogging up as hot air from each breath will go straight up into your lens.

Once your goggles are fully fitted and you have managed your layers, you are ready to receive your call onto the gun range.


The roots of the great game of paintball start here; how to hold and get the most out of your paintball gun.

All guns are gravity fed so it is imperative to keep them upright when firing to allow the paintballs to be fed from your magazine into the gap of your Weapon. While it may look great, tilting the weapon too much or shooting from the side will result in missed shots and a high chance of hitting blanks.

Once fully loaded and the
comfortably in your hands, it's time to take some test shots to get an idea of ??how she's going to shoot.

If possible, position the weapon's air system on your shoulder. Like a rifle butt, this serves as a fulcrum to control all movements and stabilize the weapon after each shot. Elevate your gun so you can look straight down the top of the gun and aim the barrel at a target. This allows you to see clearly and exactly where you are aiming. Now grasp the front of the weapon, usually by the front grip for extra stability.


Playing paintball can often be described as "hide and seek with guns" and I think that expression is a great analogy for what I'm about to share. When entering a paintball field, any barricade, tree, bush, vehicle, building, etc. that is big and thick enough to hide your body behind it can be used as "cover" from the opponent. Of course, the angle and size of the cover is crucial, but how you hide behind it is just as important. In paintball, a footshot is just as deadly as a shot to the face, so make sure your whole body is completely behind your chosen cover at all times.

If you can't completely hide from an opponent's position, you'll need to find a bigger or better piece fast!

When you're behind cover, you're not just hiding from enemy paintballs, you're even out of their eyes: so that they cannot see what you are doing. However, for the same reason, you can't see what they're doing, meaning you're vulnerable to them coming at you and gaining an advantage.


Every game you play involves completing objectives to win missions, and it is these objectives that the smartest players will plan. Listen carefully to your head judge as he explains the mission and when you are unsure about something; don't be ashamed to ask. Being clear about what you need to achieve can very well mean the difference between your team's victory or defeat and whether you're the hero or not.

The team judges will use the
squares as well know very well talk to them. before the game starts to find out where the key points are on the field and where they think you should push.

There may be other more experienced players in your group or people who have played the course before. All the information you will get about your surroundings and the upcoming mission will make it easier for you to reach them.


When I speak of playing aggressively here, it has nothing to do with dropping kung fu kicks or throwing elbows; It's about making the most of the opportunities that come your way in a game.

In any game of paintball, you'll be given the choice of sitting in a safer position or getting closer and cause some chaos.

Without a doubt, when "Game" is displayed, the best thing to do is run around the field and towards the enemy as quickly as possible to gain as much ground as possible. as possible. As simple as it sounds, this is the best way to set yourself up for victory, as it allows your team to control your chosen attack points and makes it that much harder for the bad guys to advance on the field.

When you reach your chosen locations on the field, the first thing you should think about is living, not fighting lazily or revealing too much of yourself. Remember, you don't have to win the game in the first few minutes. Fire your weapon wherever possible to overwhelm the opponent by keeping your head down and suppressing any possible movement.


Paintball days are often sold with ideals of teamwork or used for team building exercises. This is where our sport really shines as it emphasizes the need to communicate and collaborate with your teammates for the greater good. not only before the game, but also during and after the game.

Before each game, spend time discussing how you want to play on the field. It helps to have a good idea of ??the terrain in front of you and where individuals or groups of
want to play.

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